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Welcome to Eliza Falls!

Have you ever had a vision in your mind of a cute as Hell little town with lots of kooky characters and a Stars Hollow vibe? But also with real hot sex?

Yeah, that's Eliza Falls, babes.

This whole journey started about six months ago, maybe a little longer, where I was happily working away at my day job, when the opening scene for Of Mates & Magic jumped right into my frontal cortex and I stopped what I was doing IMMEDIATELY and opened up a blank document and wrote it down. Then I wrote a little bit more.

And then a little bit more.

AND THEN, their fist sex scene pushed it's way to the front of the line and I had to write that out. Turns out I'm a bit of a steamy bitch you guys. I got myself all hot and bothered, finished the scene and then WROTE A BOOK.

You guys. I wrote a book and I'll be honest, I am a bit biased, but I think it's really fun.

It's become a delightful escape for me to flesh out the world I have created. That's been my main goal throughout all of this... I want to create a Joyful Escape for any other humans out there who enjoy a hot romantic comedy, and maybe have a Thing for werewolves. Because let's be real here, there is a lot to like about werewolves. Give me a growly neck nuzzle any day!

Also, for the record, I will be VERY UPSET if the time comes and I have to defend myself or someone I love and my magic doesn't suddenly come in and I get to save the day because I have been a Secret Witch THIS WHOLE TIME. No joke.

There are so many other things I want to tell you about how this journey started and where I want to take it, but I will be a Long Term Planner Person and save that for another blog post. Because I am a writer of blogs now I guess?

Eh, we shall see!

I hope that you follow along for the fun.

Be Excellent to eachother Babes,



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