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Welcome to Eliza Falls


A town on the coast of the Pacific Northwest where magic is as real as you and me, and the locals are more than they seem.  Book a stay at the inn or at a water front cabin, surf the  waves at the beach or hike in the beautiful provincial parks.  Enjoy our community events through every season and meet the Midnight Ladies Association for a Summer Solstice event to remember.

From our world famous bakery to our scenic adventure tours,  there is something for everyone here in Eliza Falls, come fall in love.

Of Mates & Magic
Eliza Falls book 1



What do you call it when the thing about you that is special and unique is also an unpredictable disaster waiting to happen?  I call it a Tuesday.  

If you had asked me when I was a kid if I thought that being able to control fire was on my top five list of cool things about me, I would have said Heck Yeah!  Turns out that controlling the elements is a little trickier than I expected.  Like, I am not great at it.  Especially since a certain someone moved to my goofy little town and has thrown all of my magic into a tizzy.  He’s big and broody and sexy as hell, and just thinking about him makes my hair stand up and my fingers tingle.   He’s got that whole furrowed brow and strong silent type thing going for him. If only he would talk to me in words instead of grunts, I think that I could probably talk back to him.  Very likely.

But my magic is unpredictable and I can’t let him get too close. For his own good.  I don’t DO deep relationships.  It’s better for everyone this way.



I knew the moment I met her that Cora was the only one for me.  

After years of searching for home, it turns out that home is a woman who lights me up inside and sends me into a spiral of longing.  If only I could talk to her in words and not grunt at her like a caveman every time I see her.  But my Wolf wants to claim her in very carnal and biblical ways. So I spend all of my energy containing his enthusiasm, which makes for a lot of awkward interactions.  Every damn time.  She’s brilliant and beautiful and as salty as a honey badger.  Utterly perfect in every way. 

And now that I have found her, my Wolf won't be satisfied until we build a home for her and she accepts our bond.  I just need to control the beast inside me long enough to convince her to give me the time of day.


Of Mates & Magic is the first novel in a series of paranormal romantic comedies set in Eliza Falls, a kooky little town in the Pacific Northwest where magic is real and the locals are more than they seem.  Come stay a while and rest your feet, join the Midnight Ladies Association for a midnight circle and fall in love with the rugged beauty of the place we call home.

Earth Wolf & Fire
Eliza Falls book 2



I’m not going to argue that I’m a gregarious and charming werewolf with a mischievous grin for everyone I see. The proof is in the pudding.  Life in Eliza Falls follows a pleasing pattern of working at the Animal Rescue center and running the business side of the company I own with my brother Seb.  Life is good, if a little lonely.  Living with just my brother for so long, it now feels wonderful to be expanding our small Pack with Seb’s Mate and her family, planting roots in this kooky little town we now call home.  

But something’s still missing.

Until the day my bestie welcomes home an old friend and my Wolf falls wildly in love. Finally my life clicks into place with a joy so fierce I barely contain myself.  


When an unknown threat looms over my newfound happiness, I vow to do everything in my power to keep her safe, but will it be enough? 



Having magic that keeps me separate from my peers is just something I’ve gotten used to.  The only friends I had growing up were my cousin and her best friend in the summers spent in a funny small town in the Pacific Northwest.  It’s been so long since I’ve been back though, I’m not so sure where I fit anymore.  My magic has increased since I left five years ago and it’s getting harder to hear my own thoughts over the whisper of the wind.


Running into a Very Hot Man my first week in town isn’t something I planned.  The way the beast inside him shouts his affection at me?  Plot twist!  But not an unwelcome one.  Can my new werewolf boyfriend settle the magic inside me?  Or will my gifts be the key to unlocking happiness for both of us?

Earth Wolf & Fire is the second novel in the Eliza Falls series, magical small town romances with humor, high heat and guaranteed Happily Ever Afters.  Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Gilmore Girls and Practical Magic will enjoy this series!

Eliza Falls book 3


Mystery, family and discovering who you are.  The lovable cast of characters from our favourite town are back for another sexy adventure.

Title TBD
Eliza Falls book 4


A little bit enemies to lovers, a little bit mistaken identity.  There's only one bed.  Whatever will they do?!

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