About Maggie


Maggie Francis writes paranormal romantic comedies.  What’s that you ask?  Why it’s a lot like if Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the Gilmore Girls had a sexy lovechild.  We’re talking hunky werewolves, sassy witches and a cast of other supernatural side characters that make you laugh as you witness the shenanigans they get up to and enjoy the banter that comes along with an overactive imagination.


Maggie started writing as a way to joyfully escape into a world where magic is real, heroines save themselves and heroes come with a tall side order of Yes Please.  Eliza Falls is a place to let the worries of the world fall away and let the romance of a fated mate and the cozy connection of a found family swoon you off your feet.



Maggie lives in Victoria BC with her own Happily Ever After, a couple of rad kids and a doodle dog that thinks she’s braver than she is.


An avid reader her whole life, Maggie now gets to create her own version of realities in a world that's constantly evolving, growing and getting better. As she learns more about the craft of writing every day, those new skills are put into practice to continue to grow as a writer and bring you the best stories she can.


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You can often find Maggie with her nose in a book, a cuppa strong tea nearby, avoiding the laundry or the dishes while she soaks up the fun of other romance writers.


Thanks for being here Babe!


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